Remkor Manufacturing


Remkor Manufacturing’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes are designed to make a positive impact in the communities we operate in, as well as to the stakeholders that come into contact with our organisation. The main focus of our initiatives is economic development, education, mentorship programs, capacity building and community welfare programmes


Education Related

1.       Bursaries

Every Year Remkor Manufacturing Employees are offered Bursaries.

For year 2022 – Bursaries for 3 employees were approved and paid for.

2.       Learnerships

Every Year Remkor Manufacturing offers unemployed individuals the opportunity to learn on the job at our premises and to be paid a stipend for doing so. These are for people with no tertiary education, grade 10 to 12 up to 12 months required to complete.

2022 Remkor Manufacturing has 8 learnerships in the program (including 2 disabled learners)

3.     Apprenticeships

Every year Remkor Manufacturing offers training and apprenticeship opportunities to College students, 24 months required for practical training.

4.  Internships 

 Every year Remkor Manufacturing offers internships opportunities to Universities of Technology  students, 6 to 12 months required to complete.

2022, Remkor Manufacturing CEO, Gwendolyn Mahuma donated t-shirts through a “Drop a blanket Organisation” which aims at providing the necessary needs to the less fortunate.

This initiative has long been active and in support of the organisation, Gwendolyn will always go out of her way to make the little changes in other peoples lives.

This is the culture that she brings to the organisation and it is something that we pride ourselves with.

When the organisation was founded in the year 2015, top management did not hesitate to initiate the process of involving young talent within its operations. Although the organisation was at its infancy at the time, it was determined to get involved with eradicating unemployment within the youth in the country.

Since then, year after year, graduates have been offered the opportunity to be part of the organisation and learn from the best in the industry.

2021 – 2023 engineering Internship & Apprenticeship students

Besides the day to day operations, Remkor Manufacturing sponsors its football team, consisting of its employees. Football matches are held regulary and the company will not shy away from contributing towards extramural activities and healthy living by its employees.

For years, Remkor Manufacturing has been engaged with other organisations in support of providing learnerships to differently abled students.

In the past year (2022), all the learners under this programme successfully completed their learnership sessions and this makes the organisation proud to be part of such an achievement. We will constantly do our utmost best to enrich peoples lives despite their background, culture or beliefs.

Introducing the Whistle Blowers ethics hotline service to suppliers of Remkor Manufacturing